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Written by Teranova   
Sunday, 07 June 2009 09:38

We've been lax in the updating of teranova site as of late due to a few reasons but none of them are very important.


last week saw us switch from Inspircd1.2 to Unreal3.2 the reason for this change was mainly due to the fact Inspircd1.2 is a development branch and as such bugs were being found and it would mean constant rolling restarts and moving of users from one server to another to allow for updates and we don't want to cause that much unrest.

We've also updated the linking application and the server list for people who are interested in such things. As always if you have comments or questions please feel free to drop us an e-mail to ops (at) teranova (dot) net or chat to us in #Teranova


a few weeks ago we added Qwebirc as our main web chat application, you can connect by clicking on chat now on the menu and from there you can embed it in your own site if you have a channel on Teranova, we chose Qwebirc over mibbit for various reasons, one of which is it's open source allowing us to make changes as and when we need, it's also completely ad free which is a refreshing turn from mibbit's ad driven insanity.


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