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Written by Charles Kingsley   
Monday, 20 April 2009 07:13

Wow, what a week...

Amanda and her team from zomgIRC have joined forces with Teranova to collaboratively provide a larger offering of servers packed with experienced staff and users alike. I previously had a server with zomgIRC and with Amanda being a regular on Teranova it became apparent that our team and hers shared core common interests in striving to provide the best for our users. With this in mind, we decided on a net merge with her servers joining Teranova last weekend which turned out to be a complete success.

What this means for our users is that we now have more widespread network coverage and will shortly be looking at introducing redundancy to reduce downtime should a server fail or whatnot.

We also decided this week that we'd host the Anope IRC Services support channels #anope and #anope-devel after a DDoS took down their previous offering. - This means that Anope help can be achieved both on irc.anope.org and irc.teranova.net in #anope. As a forward thinking network we thought it would be mutually beneficial to have the Anope Team on hand on our network should we need their help whilst providing a stable and resilient platform for them to offer support to their community. 

Who knows what'll happen next week; we're trialing an updated IRC Server offering from the Inspircd Team which should help bolster our platform further. 

We need you in order to make this network a success, connect via our "Chat Now" link and have a good ole' chin wag with us in one of our many channels each with their own unique theme and recommended audience!



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