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Written by Charles Kingsley   
Tuesday, 22 June 2010 18:02


Here at Teranova we offer multiple services, layouts and channel modes that you might not be used to. This page is not to patronise you, but to give you an insight into what we can give you, as a user and friend.


As the home of the Anope Project we are currently using the Development version 1.9.2-eatschildren. We use the Development version, not only to see how well it copes with a vast amount of users, but to give you a heads up on what’s coming very soon for you to start using on your IRCd Network. Luckily we have the Anope team right on our doorstep, so if anything goes wrong, we have them here to sort it out when they are available. You can also monitor the development progress! Just hop along to

Click here to access the Git Web Development Viewer

IRCd Version:

Here at Teranova we used UnrealIRCd for many years, however, as times moved on we discussed that we need to move with the times, as with the times we have moved onto InspIRCd-1.2. Luckily we have intelligent and self-motivated staff members to ensure that your time using our network is that of a great one. However, with the uptime it brings downtime. Luckily we have a very prestigious linking policy to which all of our servers undergo multiple tests before they are allowed to be connected to by you.

Channel Modes Available (And what they do):

Mode B: Blocks messages with too many CAPITAL LETTERS. The mode is judged by the network configuration.

Mode C: Blocks CTCPs to the channel.

Mode D: Delays all JOIN messages from users until they speak.

Mode G: One mode that you should all be used to. This censors all “Bad Language” based on the network configuration.

Mode K: Disallows usage of /KNOCK on the channel.

Mode M: Pretty much the same as Unreal’s +R mode. Users must be registered to speak on the channel.

Mode N: Disallows nick changes for users on the channel.

Mode O: Makes the channel "IRC Operator only".

Mode P: Marks the channel as "permanent". The channel won’t disappear when there are no users.

Mode R: For some reason InspIRCd decided to create two modes that did the same thing. (See mode “M”)

Mode S: Strips control codes from PRIVMSGs/NOTICEs to the channel.

Mode T: Blocks /NOTICEs to the channel.

Mode c: Blocks messages with control codes to the channel.

Mode u: Creates an "Auditorium" channel, where you only see yourself or Ops, depending on configuration.

Mode Z: All users must be connected to the network via SSL to join the channel. (SSL is available to all users on all of Teranova’s Servers. Port +6697)

Teranova Stats:

Here at Teranova we like to keep a record of everybody’s actions, from lines to how many smiles you’ve entered. This is made possible by the use of a bot called “TeraStatServ” this nifty little bugger sits in the channels we choose to provide daily stats for everybody’s enjoyment. You can check your daily stats, if you have any, on http://www.teranova.net/stats . While there you can view who’s an IRC Operator, what channels are available and which channels are currently the biggest. You can search for individual user stats and the network statistics.


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