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Written by Charles Kingsley   
Tuesday, 22 June 2010 18:02


Here at Teranova we offer multiple services, layouts and channel modes that you might not be used to. This page is not to patronise you, but to give you an insight into what we can give you, as a user and friend.


As the home of the Anope Project we are currently using the Development version 1.9.2-eatschildren. We use the Development version, not only to see how well it copes with a vast amount of users, but to give you a heads up on what’s coming very soon for you to start using on your IRCd Network. Luckily we have the Anope team right on our doorstep, so if anything goes wrong, we have them here to sort it out when they are available. You can also monitor the development progress! Just hop along to

Click here to access the Git Web Development Viewer

IRCd Version:

Here at Teranova we used UnrealIRCd for many years, however, as times moved on we discussed that we need to move with the times, as with the times we have moved onto InspIRCd-1.2. Luckily we have intelligent and self-motivated staff members to ensure that your time using our network is that of a great one. However, with the uptime it brings downtime. Luckily we have a very prestigious linking policy to which all of our servers undergo multiple tests before they are allowed to be connected to by you.

Channel Modes Available (And what they do):

Mode B: Blocks messages with too many CAPITAL LETTERS. The mode is judged by the network configuration.

Mode C: Blocks CTCPs to the channel.

Mode D: Delays all JOIN messages from users until they speak.

Mode G: One mode that you should all be used to. This censors all “Bad Language” based on the network configuration.

Mode K: Disallows usage of /KNOCK on the channel.

Mode M: Pretty much the same as Unreal’s +R mode. Users must be registered to speak on the channel.

Mode N: Disallows nick changes for users on the channel.

Mode O: Makes the channel "IRC Operator only".

Mode P: Marks the channel as "permanent". The channel won’t disappear when there are no users.

Mode R: For some reason InspIRCd decided to create two modes that did the same thing. (See mode “M”)

Mode S: Strips control codes from PRIVMSGs/NOTICEs to the channel.

Mode T: Blocks /NOTICEs to the channel.

Mode c: Blocks messages with control codes to the channel.

Mode u: Creates an "Auditorium" channel, where you only see yourself or Ops, depending on configuration.

Mode Z: All users must be connected to the network via SSL to join the channel. (SSL is available to all users on all of Teranova’s Servers. Port +6697)

Teranova Stats:

Here at Teranova we like to keep a record of everybody’s actions, from lines to how many smiles you’ve entered. This is made possible by the use of a bot called “TeraStatServ” this nifty little bugger sits in the channels we choose to provide daily stats for everybody’s enjoyment. You can check your daily stats, if you have any, on http://www.teranova.net/stats . While there you can view who’s an IRC Operator, what channels are available and which channels are currently the biggest. You can search for individual user stats and the network statistics.


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Written by Charles Kingsley   
Tuesday, 10 March 2009 10:32

The History of Teranova


OK, well this is a bit of a weird one for me to write after so many years so please if you read this and think “Is this guy on craq?” then don't worry, I don't blame you. Similarly, if you read this and it doesn't marry up with your figures/dates/etc please let me know because I openly admit my brains a bit stewed and these days I can't really fathom out what's legit and what isn't SO!




Teranova... how did it come about?


Well, a few of us admins/opers from a network known as Dragonlynk (or ircxp at some point) wandered off and started our own little network called no-ip by linking together home boxes running linux/bsd allowing us to have our own little place in the irc world where we weren't victim to problematic shell hosts etc.


No-ip got it's name because some of us had dynamic IPs and we used the DynDNS.org free service to masquerade those for us. No-ip got popular amongst friends mostly because in my opinion we were nice guys doing stupid stuff because we wanted to learn, and our friends all wanted somewhere cool to #chat and could pick up an eggdrop to look after their channel in #flux.


Eventually we got to the point where we decided we needed to firm things up a bit and thus Teranova.net was born hosted primarily on TDC's Europe box which has served us well for the last 6 years or so until being retired last month (Feb 09) again with our home links connecting in as leaves. As time went on, people came and left, links appeared and delinked as financial and family circumstances changed. One thing that didn't change was the friendships forged; even now some years later everyone pops on now and again just to check in and let us all know they're still motoring on.


Teranova's been the home of many a small club of people doing their own thing without being disturbed or abused by ddos/botnets etc and that's how we see our future. We know what we're doing, we're all “irc veterans” and have been around long before Unreal and Anope became the “standard”!! - At this time, we're using UnrealIRCd 3.2.8 (we'll move to InspIRCd 1.2 eventually) and Anope IRC Services 1.9 (development) which we believe provides our users with a stable yet cutting edge feature packed experience.


We've not grown very much for some time, retaining our niche as being “for the user” but we've recently undergone a bit of a makeover; have introduced some top of the line leaf nodes and are going 'back to basics' and our plans are to reintroduce botloaning, trivia bots, idlerpg and all that other stuff that people want these days.


We'll do anything once, twice because we didn't learn the first time, and even a third time to affirm the first and second goes!


We want you to come and join us; come and enjoy a chat and who knows; we might get a second wedding out of the network!!


Names I ought to mention and my apologies if I do miss you off, slap me and I'll add you!


dope – Bry, what can I say, an absolute legend; the original father of my irc experience. Bry's job was to train me up on dragonlynk all those years ago and we forged a really good friendship. Bry founded #flux the biggest eggdrop loaning chan I think I've ever seen! He married Beba_nimma and they started their own family away from IRC. He still drops in sometimes, and it's awesome to see him when he does.


Jakey – Not sure how Jakey came to be around us but he too was a bit of a crazy eggdrop man, helping dope build up the population of #flux, Jakey was a nice guy and I do miss him.


S|nfull & RJ – RJ my original server admin on dragonlynk, and his wife S|nfull. I owe a lot of thanks to them for helping nurture the disaster that has come to be me! I still remember RJ defending me to a CSOP (real style CSOP) who had a problem with something I'd done. A good man indeed.


Lightman – Karl, what can I say here? The father I never had, someone who always told me to stick up for what I believed in and what we could achieve if we just put our minds to it.


Bliss – What a woman!


James - Innovation, the big push in the new Teranova 2.0. Without James; this site wouldn't be here, half the leaf servers would be gone, and we'd still be sitting there with our thumbs up our bums!





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